Gillian’s Heart

14 Feb

Today would have been Gillian’s 17th birthday. I’m re-posting this to honor her memory.

Allegro non tanto

Right after my daughter Isa’s leukemia diagnosis, I felt the hospital walls closing in on me. Being isolated in a ten by ten hospital room with a two year-old with cancer is not an ideal situation to say the least. The dread and worry I felt about my daughter’s illness caused me to feel suffocated, like I was wearing a belt around my chest which would cinch tighter each time she cried out in pain, vomited, or spiked another high fever.

Isa had become restless and bored being cooped up in the room. We’d already watched enough Wonder Pets and Sponge Bob to last us a lifetime, so it was up to me to come up with new ideas to entertain a two-year old with an I.V. line tethered to her chest. So I colored, I painted, I read stories, and I played endless games with finger puppets—I’m ashamed to…

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