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Friday Blooms

26 May

Happy Friday! Here’s a little color to brighten your day. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!img_1284img_1274img_1276img_1281img_1280img_1279img_1277

A Little Taste of Spring

26 Feb

I’m wishing for dark cloud and rainstorms, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying the little taste of spring right outside my front door. Thought you might, too.

spring 2016 2spring 2016 3spring 2016 5spring 2016 6spring 2016

Spring in Santa Barbara

6 Mar

People in other parts of the country say we don’t have seasons in California but I beg to differ. Our seasons just blend into each other with a little less fanfare. I took these photos while out walking this morning and here is my proof that Spring has indeed arrived ┬áin Santa Barbara.

flowers mar 6 mar. 6 no. 5 Mar 6 No. 2 mar 6 no. 3 mar 6 no. 4 mar 6 no. 6 mar 6 no. 7 mar 6 no. 8 mar 6 no. 9 mar 6 no. 10 mar 6 no. 11 mar 6 no. 12

Summer is in the Air

21 May

I can smell it in the air and see it in all of the bursting color…summer is just around the corner!

May 21 No. 1May 21 No. 2May 21 No. 3May 21 No. 4May 21 No. 5May 21 No. 6May 21 No. 7May 21 No. 8May 21 No. 9May 21 No. 10May 21 No. 15May 21 No. 16

More April Flowers

12 Apr

Oh, glorious April! Such beauty in the world. Life is good.april 7april 8april 5april 6

april 4

april 3

april 2

april 1

Spring Color

5 Apr

Spring is here again and I just had to share this delightful color with all of you!

As the garden grows and changes, I’ll post updates….

april flowers 4

april flowers 5

april flowers

april flowers 3